Expertise & User Support

Support personnel are available to assist researchers from basic how-to questions to specialized and complex questions. We will work with you to understand your needs and identify a staff member with the right experience and expertise to help you. 


General help

  • answer questions about how to get started 
  • explain the technologies available
  • provide guidance on alternatives

Technical support

  • optimize and modernize existing code
  • work in a range of programming languages and environments such as C/C++, Python, Java, Perl, MPI, OpenMP, Pthreads, Charm++, Containers, SQL, Jupyter, Kubernetes, TensorFlow, Pytorch, Jax, OpenACC, CUDA, I/O
  • install and maintain software
  • consult on scientific applications and codes
  • compose and maintain scientific workflow
  • benchmarking scientific software
  • secure computing (HIPAA, CUI, and FERPA)

Specialized expertise

  • visual data analysis 
  • longer term research collaboration in various interdisciplinary domains
  • joint proposal development to government funding agencies and industry
  • domain expertise including but not limited to  engineering, genomics, crop science, data analytics, physics, geographic information systems, astronomy, and numerical methods
  • research solutions to complex questions
  • data visualization for broader impacts, outreach, and science communication